Special Alloy

PYRAMID New Rock Standard

Pyramid “New Rock Standard” string sets are the amazing result of much experimentation with a very musical custom alloy that we felt players would really embrace. They sound feel and play like no other string currently available today. Adding to the new recipe an unbelievable durability, these sets go from clean and sweet to powerfully loud being highly responsive to pick attack. These strings further the art of modern string making with this exciting new formula designed by Dean Farley.

New Rock Standard

Art.Nr. NRS 0942
(Satz .009-.042) Extra Light
Art.Nr. NRS 9544
(Satz .0095-.044) Extra Light Plus
Art.Nr. NRS 1038
(Satz .010-.038) Jimi Hendrix Inspired
Art.Nr. NRS 1046
(Satz .010-.046) Regular
Art.Nr. NRS 1052
(Satz .010-.052) Light Top Heavy Bottom
Art.Nr. NRS 1148
(Satz .011-.048) Modern

We were keen to meet the challenge of making exciting new advancements in guitar string technology. This involved a tremendous amount of experimentation with a new custom made alloy that we found brought us an incredible variety of fresh new tones to the musical table. Our “New Rock Standard” guitar strings are the result of a particular sound that Dean Farley kept hearing in his mind. This made him very determined to seek it out and turn it into reality. Dean wanted to create a brand new standard of rock string that had a bold, yet powerful new voice that would be instantly recognized as more three dimensional in its sonic presentation. A string with an amazing overtone structure that definitely furthers the relationship between the player’s guitar and amplifier. Extremely versatile and touch sensitive, these strings will do it all — from gorgeous clean tones to very refined crunchy textures as well. Meet the new standard of guitar strings that will make your music come alive like never before, all at a very affordable price for the working musician! Pyramid “New Rock Standard” — Designed by Dean Farley.


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